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Research Log 1

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Looking at the entire Bullet archives for the 1960’s is a big task! To start, I just looked at several issues at random to see the types of articles I would get, the general setup of the paper in the 1960’s, and some of the subject matter that would come up. I was not able to figure out the exact amount of papers in the 1960’s, but I would assume (with 15-week semesters and one paper a week) there are about 30 a school year, and about 300 for the decade. Obviously, I cannot look through all of these in this short of a time, so I will be using the physical card catalog available in Special Collections to look up articles based on subject once my group and I talk about what subjects we want to focus on. Though the amount of material is immense, I would still love to just browse as much as I can and find extra articles.

I began looking at 1968, simply because that was on the reel the library worker helped me load into the machine. I found some articles directly about degree requirements and academic structure. Specifically, there were several articles referencing changing the university to a “4-1-4” structure, in which each semester is 4 months, with a 1-month “intersession” in the middle. During the intersession, students could pursue independent projects within her own study area. There was also discussion of making class attendance completely optional and allowing students the option to schedule their own tests and exams. I want to find out what happened to this proposal (though, since this was towards the end of the 60’s, it might travel into the 70’s) or if any of the proposed ideas were implemented. I think this will definitely help us understand the academic structure better at MWC at this time and highlight the areas in which students were frustrated with the structure.

Also going on in November 1968 was a proposed rifle range and a mock presidential election, in which Nixon was favored. Some articles reference the “C-Shop”, which I have heard of but know nothing about. I would like to explore that further as well.

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