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What the 1960’s decided on

Filed under: Uncategorized February 13, 2012 @ 6:45 pm

Here is a list of the things we’ve decided on:

  • The site will be set up in a somewhat interactive manner, but still allow the visitor to progress through the material in a nonlinear fashion if desired. The interactive features will be things like “choosing” a major (which leads to information about that major in the 1960’s), extracurriculars, or a dorm building.
  • Choosing one option over another ultimately doesn’t influence anything else, we just want to include this for a more immersing experience.
  • Each of us will write different sections of the website using the information we’ve collected.
  • There will be a “Here’s what students say” section that will include quotes from the interviewees Samantha gets in touch with.
  • We are going to meet

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