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Research Log 4

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Primarily, I have been sifting through my huge folder of printouts this week and categorizing them for use on the site. This also includes preparing to digitize some of the many illustrations and photos found in the Bullet and touching them up. I’ve also printed out a handful of advertisements, which can make the page look more authentic. They include a form for a mail-in dating service, an ad for the opening of the Park and Shop, and others.

The majors we have decided to focus on are English, Education, Chemistry, and Home Economics. The major I have the most information on right now is English, but I will go back and search for information on the other majors if my group is lacking in information about them. As for English, here are some of the things the Bullet talked about for the major in the 1960’s:

In 1963, sophomores required to take an English or American Literature class get more class options, including “Short Fiction, The Novel, Shakespeare, Tragedy, Comedy and Satire, and English Literature of the Romantic and Victorian Periods.” (Armistead, 1963)

In 1965, the department “modernizes” by adding classes on English language structure and changing literature classes to be more comprehensive. There was a requirement for students to present oral reports on twenty books over the course of the major, and this requirement is changed to only ten books. (Editors, 1965)

English Independent Study (ENGL 490) is added in 1968. The material in the course is up to the individual, but the department requires at least one paper to be written about the work during the semester. The course is open to anyone who has passed Freshman English 111 and has an overall 2.5 GPA in English. (Lillicrapp 1968)

On a general note, the faculty associated with the Honors program lowered the Honors average in 1965. “The grade point average of Honors Program applicants was reduced from 2.5 in their major to 2.25. The overall grade point average will remain at 2.0.” (Editors, “Faculty Lowers…” 1965)

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  1. Pamela (Kearney)Patrick:

    I was a chem major in the class of ’66’ , and would be happy to add anything useful to your project. There weren’t many of us, and although my focus was a B.S., I purposefully took as many electives in language, and literature that I could. Pleasurable reading was a form of relaxation and diversion. I came to MWC from New Jersey with a state scholarship since the schools there were so impacted.

  2. Sara Monk:

    Awesome! I’ll forward this to the person in my group that is handling interviews, if that’s alright. She has plenty of questions she wants to ask. 🙂 Thanks for replying! Her email is sstepano@mail.umw.edu, and her name is Samantha Stepanov-VandenBerg. Be on the lookout!

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